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What Can I Expect

New Here?


Attending a Sunday morning worship service is one of the best ways to learn more about Liberty Baptist Church. Visitting a new place can be a little frightening especially if you're alone, but when you visit Liberty Baptist Church, Here's what you can expect:

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A Family Atmosphere


Our Pastor often says, "We're family here at Liberty Baptist!"


Our congregation is very diverse. On any given Sunday, in just a quick glance around the auditorium, a guest can see people from all different nations around the world. As a result, our church is very accepting and loving to people of all different backgrounds. When you're at Liberty Baptist, you're among friends.




Exciting, Worshipful Music



Malls and shopping centers are trendy, but church ought to be a place that is timeless. Our services could be described as traditional, but definitely not formal or boring!


Your heart will be encouraged each service by the dynamic congregational singing; the special choirs, ensembles, and soloists; and the church orchestra.



Clear, Helpful Bible Preaching

God has definitely blessed our pastor with a tremendous sense of humor and the ability to deliver Bible truth in a kind, compassionate, and gracious way.

Each week, your heart will be challenged, encouraged, and helped through the clearing teaching and preaching of the Scriptures.