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Our Story

 Like every great work for God, they all begin with a burden to reach people. Bill and Mabel Neubauer had a great burden to reach the Evergreen area of San Jose for Christ. They decided to start a small Sunday School work. Little did they know that God will use this small group of people to start a great church in San Jose. More people began to come. The charter membership consisted of twenty-three members with a passion to see God do the impossible.



In March of 1961 the United Baptist Church bought over three and a half acres on King Road. An old horse stable was remodeled and turned into a church. Over a short period of time the church began to grow. As more and more folks began to get involved in the work, buildings were donated, money was given, and a land was purchased.


In August of 1968 the United Baptist Church began United Baptist School with ten students. A year later, it grew to over one hundred students. Over the years, the church has seen the amazing hand of God at work in the ministry and in the community.

In July of 1976 the church decided to change their name to Liberty Baptist Church in honor of the U. S. Bicentennial anniversary. As the years progressed, Liberty Baptist Church began to see times of great blessing and sorrow, but through it all the people of Liberty Baptist Church remained true to the Lord and His church.


After two years without a pastor in the late 1990's, Liberty Baptist called Pastor Stan Smith to come as senior pastor and lead a struggling church to once again be a lighthouse in the city of San Jose.


Pastor Smith has now served as senior pastor for eleven years and God has blessed our ministry above what we could ask or think.


Won't you come, join Liberty Baptist Church, and be part of Our Story?